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Club Sport Kids Flag Football

Club Sport Kids Flag Football

Experience the gridiron in a fun, safe format

Flag Football is a popular game pumped with fun and action. Our program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in low-contact, continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork. In this game, the offensive team plays for a first down at midfield, and a touchdown in the end zone. Running and passing plays are allowed, although there are “no-running zones” at midfield and near each goal line. The defensive team covers receivers, rushes the passer and grabs flags to make tackles. Fair play and sportsmanship are encouraged, as is equal playing time for all players. Get your questions answered here!


Four age levels of play are usually 2-3 year age brackets. This makes it so the kids are most likely playing other players their same or similar age. We allow players to “play up” an age group but usually never “play down.” Most of the teams formed are coed and requests for team placement can be made.


League Registration

Sign up below for your favorite league. If none are listed, don't worry...they'll be posted soon! Feel free to email or call 877-820-2582 x3 with any questions.


Football Coaches Needed

Football Coaches Needed

Be your child's hero and help out the team!

Nothing is more rewarding than coaching your child! What's it entail? Find out with our Football Coach Guidelines. All of our teams have volunteer coaches to help develop both their playing skills and good sportsmanship. If you are interested, you can note this on your child’s registration. Plus we provide jerseys for all coaches so you can match your team!


Get some sample plays and more TIPS HERE!


Coaching questions? Email us!