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Mission Statement & Questions

Mission Statement & Questions

It is the mission of Club Sport Kids to provide youth sports leagues that encompass fun, fitness, athletics and education to facilitate a positive experience on the playing field. Club Sport Kids is committed to creating an environment focused on returning youth sports to its true purpose: physical activity and FUN. Our goal is to make sure your child has the experience in sports.


Practice Policies:

Practice is held approximately 1 hour (less for younger kids) prior to games. We do not recommend or encourage coaches to practice during the week as this takes away from school and educational needs. We at Club Sport Kids understand busy schedules and therefore require less of a time commitment from parents by incorporating a one-stop practice and play philosophy (one trip, once a week). With this system, more parents are willing and able to volunteer and participate within the league.

What is Club Sport Kids?

Club Sport Kids was formally 4FitKids. Club Sport Kids is committed to creating an environment that is truly focused on kids having fun. This league is about more than simply playing sports; it is about kids learning and loving to play sports. Each league features plenty of playing time for every child in a setting that demonstrates examples of good sportsmanship from teammates, coaches, and parents. Club Sport Kids is part of Tampa Bay Club Sport - the areas largest provider of adult social sports with experience running quality sports leagues since 1995.


What are the ages of kids that participate?

We offer leagues for children as young as 3, all the way up to 14...sometimes to 17 - depending on the sport and location.


My child has a birthday during the season, how is that handled?

We tell parents to sign up their children in an age group that the child is in on the date the season starts. We can handle any further questions on a case by case basis.


Where are the fields?

Currently we play in a number of locations. You can find a map to all of our fields here.


Can my child play in a different age group than they actually are?

We understand that some children may want to play with friends or siblings in a different age group. We allow children to play in a higher age group than they are as long as the parents permit. Rarely do we allow children to play in a lower age group as this is not fair to the other, smaller children. We can deal with this on a case by case basis.


How do I get my child registered and paid?

Our website is the best and easiest way to get your child signed up. You can call the Club Sport Kids line (877-820-2582 ext. 3) and get registered as well, or stop by the office in St. Petersburg. We accept Amex, Visa, MasterCard and Discover on the website as a form of payment. We also accept cash and check if you are in the neighborhood and want to drop it off or simply mail it in. The only concern of paying with a check or cash is that payment must be received before the registration deadline or a payment plan in place to guarantee a spot. NEED HELP? TAKE THIS 2 MINTUE TUTORIAL ON HOW TO SIGN UP ONLINE.


We've played in the past - but your registration process looks different...what's up?

As of June 2021, Club Sport Kids has a new website and registration process. We hope this brings all our great info into one place and presents it more clearly. No personal or team info has been carried over to our new system that went live June 2021. For your first registration on this system you will need to create a new account. If you had an account on our previous system prior to June 2021 - you can find your past teams & rosters online at Here coaches will still be able to message past teams. Again if you need help, check out this tutorial

Yeah! We signed up! Now what?

Thank you for registering. When signing up for the first time parents will create an online family account. Through this account you can see your child's team assignment, game schedule, and more. It also has a powerful messaging tool to communicate with your team. Look for an email 7-12 days prior to the league start with team specific details. As far as the league start, you can find league specific DETAILS HERE.


What is included in the price?

Your child’s registration fee includes a 7-week season (pending rainouts), a uniform (for soccer: a jersey, shorts and socks; for football: a jersey, shorts and a flag belt), and a medal at the end of the season. Referees are provided for certain age groups in both sports as well. We also provide an end of the season celebration at the final game with free pizza for all players, parents, and fans!


What other equipment will my child need?

Cleats are recommended for all sports, but not required. If your child does not have cleats, close-toed sneakers are required. Other equipment needed for each sport - for Soccer: MANDATORY SHIN GUARDS and a soccer ball for practice; for football: MANDATORY MOUTH GUARD. Also, if your child chooses to wear their own shorts for flag football, then the shorts must be WITHOUT POCKETS to avoid injury. You can pick up equipment at Dicks, Target, Wal-Mart, Play It Again Sports, etc. Club Sport Kids has a recycle bin with a supply of gently used cleats - just stop on in.  

How will I know what team my child is on?

We assign teams about 7-12 days prior to the league starting, at which time you can log onto your online family account to see team assignments, schedules, and more. We will send out placement e-mails to everyone before the league begins. We use e-mail as our primary source of contact, so we highly recommend having and using a valid e-mail address and making sure our e-mail is not blocked by your spam program. . 


Do the teams have practice during the week?

No, we run a one-stop-shop on game day. We ask that the teams arrive 30 minutes to an hour early to meet with their coaches and practice before the games. We try to accommodate busy parents by doing it all on one day.


Can I RSVP for my child's game?

Yes - you will get game reminders the day of your game with a link to RSVP. 


How can I (the parent/guardian) get involved?

Our program relies on volunteers to coach our teams. Parents can get involved by stepping up as a volunteer coach or assistant coach. We have more info online for coaching soccer and coaching flag football. We also are looking for a “Team Parent” who is willing to be responsible for coordinating snacks after the games, etc. 


After each game for younger age groups we have a “cheering tunnel” to promote great sportsmanship. The parents can take lead in creating this tunnel for each field. For some kids, this is the best part!

Every game we encourage parents to stay and cheer on their children. Club Sport Kids is NOT a drop off program. Parents must supervise their children at all times. 


Can my child play on a team with their friends?

We try our best to accommodate all the requests that are given to us. If you want to list friends, neighbors, or school mates you want your kids to play with, we will do our best to see they are placed on the same team.


How many kids are on a team and will my child get playing time?

We try to limit rosters to 8-10, but teams we form always get requests for children to add on to a team that some friends play on. We deal with this on a case by case basis, and due to this, some team rosters may be larger than others. Club Sport Kids requires coaches to play all children equally and can address any situation where this may not be the case.


What is the skill level of the kids?

Since we don’t have formal practices, the skill levels of the kids vary. In the past, we’ve had beginners all the way to more experienced in all of the age groups.


Where do I get my uniform from?

We ask the Coach or Team Parent to stop by our office and pick up the uniforms so they can distribute them to the parents.An email to coaches will explain the dates & times for pickup the week leading up to the start of the season. 


What happens at the end of the season?

Club Sport Kids likes to show their gratitude by providing FREE PIZZA for everyone out there! We also award participation medals to all of the kids on the last day of games.


What if it is raining on game day?

If there is a chance of inclement weather, we have set up a rain-out phone line for our adult leagues that we will be using for Club Sport Kids as well. That number is 813-602-0066 to see if your game is rained out. Better yet, you can subscribe to be texted when your specific league in cancelled or download the app to check all game statuses at


What if I don’t register and pay by the deadline?

We do our best to accommodate any late registrations that come in. We cannot guarantee placement if you register after the deadline, but we do try to find a team for them.


Is there any type of Financial Assistance available?

We believe that all children should have an opportunity to enjoy organized sports, regardless of financial status. There are a limited number of donated spots available each season. You can apply here to receive one of those spots.


Do you provide health insurance for my child?

No, we do not. While we strive to provide the safest atmosphere possible, accidents do happen in sports. Club Sport Kids does not provide any sort of health insurance for its participants, and all children play at their own risk. All parents/guardians must approve a liability waiver release form upon registering. View it here.


How can I get your e-mails and news alerts?

Go to our mailing list page to submit your name and email address and keep you up-to-date on events and leagues via email.