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Weather Policies

RAINOUT LINE: 813-602-0066

There are 3 main ways to check game status and get notified of cancellations from Club Sport.


  1. Download the “Statusfied” app for iPhone or Android.
    1. Search for “Club Sport” in the app and make it a favorite.
    2. The app will only show leagues for that day or weekend. All weekend leagues (Fri/Sat/Sun) will be shown together and be live starting Friday.
    3. Clicking the BELL icon on a league will enable push notifications to your phone when a status of a league changes. Your phone settings must allow push notifications. You will have to wait until the day of your league to enable this push notification.
  2. Check the “Statusfied” website.
    1. Go to and search “Tampa Bay Club Sport”, or go directly at
    2. Leagues for that day, or weekend, will show their status.
    3. From here, you can sign up for EMAIL and TEXT alerts. Just click ont he BELL "Manage Notifications" on top, sign in, and choose your method of communication, league, and length of time you want alerts.
    4. Text alerts can be disrupted or delayed depending on your carrier policies.
  3. Call the rainout line at 813-602-0066
    1. A list of extension numbers will be read. Punch in the extension of your league to find out its status. Only leagues for that day/weekend will be listed.
      1. Friday Azalea Soccer (Ext 83)
      2. Friday Puryear Soccer (Ext 84)
      3. Saturday Azalea Football & Soccer (Ext 85)
      4. Saturday Clearwater Soccer (Ext 86)
    2. Remember your league extension number as they do not change. Extensions are also listed on the app and webpage.






Check our rainout line before you head out to your game. This automated recording will be updated as soon as any league is cancelled. This toll free number is 813-602-0066. Use your league extension number to find out the status of your game. The message will NOT be updated unless a league is cancelled or conditions change


During the games, we have staff constantly checking the radar and tracking storms and rain. We use every method possible to see if the weather will clear and games can be played.


It may not be raining where you are, so always check before leaving.


If games are cancelled early enough, we will send an email out to the teams notifying them of the cancellation and note it on the individual league web page.


If we cancel games for a night, we will not resume them if the weather clears up.


Sometimes we may cancel the first games to allow the weather to pass and will reschedule the cancelled games at a later date.


Lightning is serious, and we will err on the side of caution when lightning is in the area.


If a tropical system is approaching, games may be cancelled since bridges may be closed making travel difficult.


We realize that rainouts are an inconvenience, but sometimes they are unavoidable living in Florida.