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What they're saying about Club Sport Kids

What they're saying about Club Sport Kids



"Club Sport kids is the PERFECT league for busy families who cannot commit to multiple practices throughout the week. The league is exceptionally organized, the atmosphere is very loving and warm, and it provides a great way to build social skills and confidence for children. Joining the Club Sport family was the best gift I could have given my children! We plan to participate year after year!" - Ayauna


" I also just wanted to let you know that my wife and I think you and your husband do an amazing job running the kids soccer league. We appreciate how “hands on” you are and what a great interest you take in all the kids. You guys are fantastic!" - Clint


"I just wanted to say it was a great season for all of us and I am grateful I was able to coach and meet such beautiful families!!" - Kimmie


“Thanks for a great season! My son learned a lot and had fun doing it! The team Gators welcomed him with open arms and helped him along they way! This season really helped his self esteem! This was perfect for him!” – Michelle


"We all have enjoyed this season very much.The coaches are fabulous, and we plan to come back for more! It's been a great experience for the whole family!" - Gloria


"Thanks for all the support. You all have set up a great program for our kids." - Raymond


“We had moved Landon to try out the big organized leagues and after 2 weeks we removed him and will be bringing back to Club Sport Kids.” – Asher


“What a wonderful program and great option for parents who want to introduce their kids to the sport in a fun way without all the intensity of the competitive leagues that leave young K-2 kids exhausted for school the next day.” – Erin


“We had a great time. Everyone played and no one warmed the bench” – Arleen


“My kids love Club Sport Kids. They learn the team concept, sportsmanship, get plenty of exercise, and have a great time doing it. I love the focus on fun and the zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike behavior from parents and children.” – Rhonda


“The boys had a great time. The coaches were very supportive and patient.” – Kristi


“Love Club Sport, and recommend it to anyone who is thinking about donig soccer. Keep up the great work!!!” – Julia


“It’s become a family affair (grandparents, aunts/uncles) and fits our lifestyle for the younger ages. We’ve been on teams with incredibly nice people and have recommended it to a ton of people because of the focus on fun and fitness for the younger ages.” – Ashely


“My son Cameron is having a wonderful time playing for the Rams. This is his 4th session playing & he loves it as much as my husband and I love watching the games.” – Amy


“It has been absolutely great and the kids LOVE it!  Thank you again.  Also, I would love any summer camp information when it becomes available.” – Jennifer


“Very happy with our coaches.  2nd time with Coach Baker.  My son just loves having him as a coach as well as his son as assistant coach. Great program.” – Nathalie


“Thank you so much.. My children Edward and Elan are having a great time on their teams.” –Cassandra


"We appreciate the opportunities you guys provided for Saylor to play Soccer. The Friday night league was very critical in her development." - John